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Sand Drippy

40" x 30"
Oil pigment, turpentine, and polyeurathane on canvas

My style of painting tends to change relatively often. I get bored of one style and when I feel myself just going through the motions of painting, and knowing the tricks that I've learned to manipulate paint to get it to do what I want...well, that's when it is time for me to change.

This style was a direct result of the previous duct tape style. Having moved my studio into my garage of my house, I found that I wasn't completely comfortable with all of the excess turpentine that previously dripped off of the vertical canvas running onto the ground. So, one day, I had a blank 30"x40" canvas and just set it horizontally underneath the duct tape canvas so that the mix of turpentine and pigment (wash) would collect on the canvas.

What I found was that the pigmented turpentine slowly traveled the length of the canvas, depositing pigment in different places and creating beautiful flows of color, much like tributaries and rivers and earth when looked at from 35,000 feet. This is what I have been striving for in my painting for years - to recreate those landscapes that fixated me as a child looking out of airplane windows. And even today, I still can stare out those windows for hours and be completely enthralled.

As the wash made its way to the end of the blank canvas, I found that it still pooled off the end onto the ground. So, over time, I began experimenting and placing numerous canvases, one under the edge of the other, and created a path for the liquid to flow, collect, and overflow. Adding in paintbrushes, cans, tools, tape rolls, and other instruments, I've been experimenting with angles and direction to see how much control over gravity I could actually attain.

This is still a fresh style for me and as of now, I have 9 paintings in this style. But I think there will be more as I continue to experiment and explore and learn. That is the biggest part of my work is to constantly be learning and pushing myself. When I get comfortable in my style, that's when it has to change.

I am always open for feedback. If you have any comments, please send me an email to bluestninja @ yahoo com

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