June Newsletter

Welcome to June, that month that is almost as good as my birthday month, July. I spent this month doing a lot of reorganizing of, not to mention beginning work on 6 new 16"x20" pieces. These involve duct tape. Ooooooooooh, exciting.

1. The Last Man'Sold
2. New in the Organic Series
3. New Needlepoint'Half-Self Portrait
4. Organizing
5. Buttons

1. The Last Man - Sold!

The slightly legendary Ms. Monica Bradburn of Dallas Texas purchased 'The Last Man.' A very wise purchase. She also picked up a couple of the new boxes from the Organic Series.

2. Speaking of the new Organic Series, there are a few new ones so check it out.

3. New Needlepoint online - Half-Self Portrait

I've begun moving in a different direction with my needlepoint. This one plays around with depth a bit. And includes the red/black checkerboard I wish I could have.

4. Little bit of new organization

I've tried to update everything and put all the sold pieces in their rightful place. So, check the Gallery and see if you see yours. And if you don't see one, think about whether you own one or not. If you don't, buy one!

5. Buttons

Buttons galore are still in the mix. My machine has been pumping them out.

You can find some available for sale at Artist Xchange on 16th St. (between Valencia and Guerrrero) in the Mission. Oh, and Artist Xchange is having their second artists' event, Friday night June 4. I won't be there but go by if you didn't get the chance last month.

As always, be good, be fruitful, multiply if you must. And to leave you with a quote from someone (I'm really bad with names) written on a chalkboard at this little French place in my neighborhood:

Life is short. But live it right and it's long enough.


Randy Antin