July Newsletter

Merry summer to all.

I hope your days have been filled with a lot of sun, campfires, baseball, drinking with friends, sitting in parks, spending some time with the family, strolling beaches, dripped ice cream on your shirt, catching up on reading, seeing great music, sleeping, staring at fish, listening to thunderstorms, laughing hard at Will Ferrell, and travels galore.

I'm going to keep this edition fairly short.

Be good. Or bad. No, don't be bad. But you don't have to be good either. Forget it. Just do what you want. And with that:..

1. Rooftops Needlepoint
2. No-CARB Diet Store
3. Custom buttons
4. Newsletters Online

1. Rooftops Needlepoint

My latest is the view from my kitchen window in Potrero Hill in San Francisco. My first attempt at an urban landscape. Pretty happy with this one.

2. No-CARB Diet Store
No-CARB Diet Store

Some of you know that I started doing pinback buttons with the following:

No-Carb Diet

No Cheney
No Ashcroft
No Rumsfeld
No Bush

They've been selling so well that I opened up a store on CafePress: postcards, shirts, hats, bumper stickers, and more. Buttons I still do but not through the store. If you want to buy buttons, send me an email and we can talk about it. I handed a number out at the Farenheit 9/11 opening and then this little wonderful snippet got sent to me from my buddy Sandra who gave a button to Bill Clinton at his book signing in San Francisco. The rest can be found at MisterSF:

’Sandra reports, "I found the book signing fairly well organized:Mr. Clinton shakes your hand and you have about 2 seconds to say something. I handed him a pin that said, 'No C.A.R.B Diet Plan. No Cheney. No Ashcroft. No Rumsfeld. No Bush.' He needed help reading the small type so Paola read it aloud. Mr. Clinton looked at me and said, "I like that!" He thanked us both for wearing our Kerry buttons. I just grinned a lot and nodded." Thanks, Sandra. Sounds like fun!'

3. Custom Pinback Buttons

I'm currently selling buttons of my own designs at> Artist Xchange on 16th Street. Still working on putting together a page on the site with the price list. Been busy. But if you're interested in having buttons done for your own project, band, business, whatever -- drop me a line. I have a price list, starting at 10 for $10. Really cheap way to get something out there in the world.

4. Newsletters Online

I've posted all my past newsletters online so you can read the archives, if you so choose.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. And as always, drop me a line and let me know what you think about these newsletters, my work, comments, rants, laughtracks, hobnobs, or any other kind of nonsense.



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