What's up with bluestninja? Arrow August Edition

The summer is winding down and after spending most of July away, your silly ninja is back doing his thing again. Some good and bad news in the bluestninja world:

Good News: I am lining up some events/gallery showings for September. More on that next month.

Bad News: I have been asked to leave my current art studio by November 1. Sad but for the past 2 years I have been very fortunate to work where I do. And since it's the basement of a furniture store, not completely unexpected that eventually the owner would want to use the basement for his store again. But this leads me to......

1. 2 Organic Black and White sold
2. Looking for new studio space
3. 10 Selves
4, No Carb Diet and Pug Life Stores

1. Organic Black and White series sold

2 more sold to SF resident music junkie, Amy Chan. And I threw in a third to sweeten the deal because I can do whatever I want. There are still more left for $25, as well as slightly larger pieces for $100 each. Contact me to see them in person or if you're interested just from seeing them online.

2. Looking for a new studio space

I will be doing Open Studios the weekend of October 17 (save that date) but then need to be out completely by November 1. So, I'm putting the word out that I am on the hunt for a new space. I'm open to look at different options with only one real requirement: it needs to be in the city of San Francisco.

If you know of a space for rent, or someone who has a space for rent, or someone who has a space they hadn't thought about renting but could consider it, or someone who might want to very nicely assist an artist trying to make it in the world, please get in contact or have them get in contact with me at

2. 10 Selves

I realized I never put this painting online. "10 Selves" was a piece I did in 2003. You can see the connection between the painting and the Half-Self Portrait needlepoint. And the needlepoint I'm working on now also kind of feeds off of the portrait/silhouette form.

3. No-Carb Diet and Pug Life Stores

My stores on CafePress. I've been adding more and more to each one as people seem to be eating up the goods. You can now order buttons and magnets directly from the stores, although you can still get them from me as well. No-Carb Diet gear has been distributed now in California, New York, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado, Alabama, Virginia, Wyoming, and my two favorite ones: Texas and Florida. Keep spreading the word!

Have a great rest of August and those in places where thunderstorms happen, enjoy one for me.